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Nerd Love

This is us, 12 days out from the wedding...

conversation between Troy and I -

Me - but no second thoughts hon. Not a chance on that. You are stuck with me
Troy - well, fudge..... must rethink my plans :P
Me - if you leave me at hte alter, they will be finding parts of your body for months
Troy - I made Daleks to help me with that problem
Me - you fucker
Troy - Doom has crossed his arm in disapproval at your calling me that
Me - Doom is a Pussy
Troy - Doom could eat Daleks for Breakfast.


Photo contests

I have been tossing around the idea of sending in a photo to the Popular Photography Readers Contest this year, this is the image I am thinking about sending in, but its a 10 dollar fee, and I am nervous about going through with it. I would really love opinions about it!

Photo after the cutCollapse )

Jan. 31st, 2010


D&D Online

Server - Khyber
Character Name - Fionuala McNamara



"Today, I was reading through the list of unacceptable and acceptable exuses for coming late to class. An example in unacceptable was, "Slept in after having a Twilight movie marathon". An example in acceptable was, "Slept in after having a Harry Potter movie marathon". Never did I realise the awesomeness of my homeroom teacher till now. MLIA"



Reminding everyone that we are having a get together today at Stately Hudson Manor! 

Festivities kick off at 2. No real plans, but we have munchkin, Arkham Horror, Rockband, and a veritable plethora of gaming books.

We are grilling out! And grilling a pizza, which should prove to be interesting!


Been uninspired lately.

So, there has not been a lot of photography up here cause I really haven't taken a lot of photos lately.

This article has a list of things you can do to jump start creativity. Which one would you guys be interested in seeing me do?

Tara and I decided that we should come up with a list.

At Vampire -

1. They will put on glitter before coming to game so they can SPARKLE!
2. They will all make 15th gens so they can make vampire babies. (sorry wunder)
3. They will all start IC relationships hoping game can find them their Edward.
4. They will all play Toreador and Malkavians cause Alice is a Malk.
5. They will all assume Coteries are like Families.
6. They will all eat deer and cows and never eat humans (and call themselves vegetarians.)
7. They will at least understand the Masquerade for fear of the Volturi.
8. They will assume every kindred has Personal Armor.
9. They will assume every kindred starts with 30 appearance related traits.
10. They will all use Heightened Senses to stare at the dust cause it is so pretty.
11. They will assume all kindred with Protean are evil people eating vampires.
12. They will all want to be anarchs who do their own thing so they can live peacefully.
13. They will always ask the STs why they can't be in High School.
14. They will all have resources 5 for no reason.
15. They drive really fast and think that telepathy will let them know if there are cops around so they don't need police influence.

And now for when they start going to werewolf!

1. They will only shift between Homid and Lupus cause Jacob only has two forms.
2. They will only play Wendigo and Uktena cause they are Native Americans.
3. They won't respect the Elders of the Sept, 'cause I can just start my own pack, right?'.
4. Their sworn enemy will be vampires because they are blood sucking leeches who will kill people.
5. They won't fight BSDs cause all werewolves are good werewolves.
6. They will assume Kin means more easily imprinted and then be pissed when the STs make them roleplay wooing them.
7. They will befriend all their vampire characters because those vampires are good, vegetarian vampires.
8. They assume that all Werewolves are always hot temperature-wise and can keep other people warm even in homid, and don't need to dress appropriately in the winter.
9. They will respect the veil but only for 'the good of their people.'
10. They assume the oldest Kin are actually the Elders of the Sept cause the Elder Council means age not rank.
11. They think the length of your hair determines the length of your fur in lupus, so they keep it short.
12. All of them will want Sense Wyrm so they can feel when vampires are around.
13. They will all need Heightened Senses because how else can they smell the 'sweet stench' of the leeches.
14. They only fight in lupus because it is the form Jacob and the others were strongest in.
15. They will be entirely incapable of understanding the concept of other breed forms.




WICKED MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!!